Basic Recipes



Biscuit Pastry dough Aniseed cookies Aniseed cookies
Pastry dough Danish brown cakes
Croquant Croquant Delicate nut cookies Florentiner

Cakes and Fancy Cakes

Spiced macaroons Spiced macaroons
Aida cake Aida cake Hussar krapferl
Apple cake Heart shaped cookies Lady fingers
Apple cheese cake Apple cheese cake Lady fingers
Apple crumble cake Almond cookies Almond cookies
Covered apple cake Swabian apple cake Almond wreaths
Swabian apple cake Cereal bars Nougat kipferl
Applesauce cake Apple strudel Nougat kipferl
Apple strudel Orange flavoured cookies Punch stars
Sweet apricot cake Baumkuchen Punch stars
Baumkuchen Raisin cookies Chocolate cornflakes cookies
Bee sting cake Bee sting cake Chocolate cornflakes cookies
Cream sponge cake Chocolate coconut macaroons Chocolate coconut macaroons
Charlotte Royal Charlotte Royal Chocolate almond cookies
Berry cake Swabian Springerle Swabian Springerle
Donauwellen Linzer Torte Vanilla and chocolate
Linzer Torte Teraces Spitzbuben
Strawberry roll Strawberry cake Spitzbuben
Strawberry cake Animal cookies Animal cookies
Esterhazy slices Esterhazy slices Walnut taler
Frankfurter Kranz Viennese vanilla kipferl Cinnamon stars
Muffins Frankfurter Kranz Cinnamon stars
Raspberry cake Muffins

Bakery Goods (salty)

Red currant cake Quiche Quiche
Cheese cream tart Cheese cream tart Onion pie
Cheese cake Tarte flammé Tarte flammé
Philadelphia cheese cake Cherry cake Crispbread
Cherry cake Cheese sticks Croissants
Gingerbread Gingerbread Croissants
Chocolate shortcake    
Almond cake Marble cake


Marble cake Curry pie Curry pie
Chestnut cake Chestnut cake Pretzel
Millefeuille /Cremehorn Yeast wreath Pretzel
Mokkatorte Cremehorn Yeast plait
Mocha cream cake Rose shaped bread Yeast wreath
Nut cake Mocha cream cake Rohrnudeln
Nougat slices Bread rolls v
Fruit tart Fruit tart Toast
Petit fours classiques Wholemeal bread with seeds Toast
Petit fours Petit fours Rye bread with sourdough
Plum cake Sourdough Wholemeal bread with seeds
Plum purée cake Plum cake Cereal bread rolls
Prince Regent cake Farmer's bread with potatoe Farmer's bread with potatoe
Sachertorte Prince Regent cake  
Sponge cake

Cakes for Big Occasions

Red wine cake Layers cake Wedding cake Wedding cake
Layers cake Birthday cake (with roses)
Black forest gateau Black forest gateau Birthday cake
(with cheerful pigs)
Birthday cake (with cheerful pigs)
Chocolate bananas  
Christstollen Christstollen    
Cream puff    
Sugar pretzels Cream puff